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Book Cover:
Fatal Tide Book Cover

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photo by Ben Moore
photo by Ben Moore
photo by Jerry Galea



Possible Interview Questions:

What exactly is an “adventure race”?

Have you ever tried one?

What attracts ordinary people to try extreme sports and other risky outdoor activities?

What is the connection between Sir Bob Geldof, the Canadian wilderness, and the rise of reality television?

How did a journalist on Canada's West Coast end up writing a book about a fatal accident on the far side of the country in the Bay of Fundy?

What made this accident at an obscure race in New Brunswick so interesting for you?

What were the challenges of researching this book?

What did you learn while researching the book?

Who do you imagine reading the book?

You describe Fatal Tide as a “non-fiction novel”. What does that mean?

Almost six years later, how have people been affected by the death of René Arseneault?

The books ends with another accident near Vancouver in which two kayakers died in similiar circumstances last Thanksgiving. Will amateur adventurers ever learn to respect the ocean?