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Advance Praise

“A fast-paced tale of an adventure race gone wrong. Leach shows how inexperienced organization, the endurance mindset and a frigid ocean combine to turn a test of stamina into inevitable disaster.”
—Jerry Kobalenko, arctic explorer and author of The Horizontal Everest: Extreme Journeys on Ellesmere Island

Fatal Tide provides an in-depth view of the adventure-racing industry and a gripping account of a race that went terribly wrong—a must-read for extreme-sports enthusiasts and armchair adventurers.”
—Colin Angus, adventurer, filmmaker, and author of Beyond the
, Lost in Mongolia, and Amazon Extreme


“Leach’s cautionary tale explores the knife edge that separates glorious fun from tragedy in the outdoors. Well researched and carefully written, the book is rife with invaluable lessons, not just for adventure racers, but for anyone who simply enjoys getting out there.”
—Bruce Kirkby, Canadian host of “No Opportunity Wasted” and author of Dolphin’s Tooth: A Decade in Search of Adventure